Wk. 02 Sound Design Class


Week 2. A few videos, some theory and Assignment 1.
2nd August 2019, 1pm – 2:30pm. Room W 15.1.14


Intro video: SoundWorks Collection The Sound of Transformers 3 Dark of the Moon – Video 9 min 20 sec

RØDE University – Foley Recording Ric Viers – Video 5 min 18 sec

This week, some theory about sound and audio. What’s the difference? Microphone types, leads and connector types. Wave forms, sampling rates.

Sound Sampling – Rate and Resolution. 16 bit. 44.1Khz. Huh?

Microphone types and sensitivity patterns

Revisiting Apocalypse Now movie sound replacement project, briefly looked at last week.

Assignment 1 – Replace video clip soundtrack.

Assignment Brief is available on Brightspace.
Finished assignment is to be uploaded back to Brightspace.

Due Date: August 16th (must be uploaded to Brightspace by end of class)

Deliverables for upload to Brightspace: refer to the Brief
(available for download from Brightspace)

In the same way that the soundtrack was replaced in the Apocalype Now demonstration, you are required to choose a video clip from the supplied videos (below), and create a soundtrack of your own. Read the Assignment Brief carefully for all assignment specifications and requirements. Refer to the Apocalypse Now demo project as a guide.

Click here or on the image below to choose a video and download


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